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May 13, 2022 How to Properly Master Your Beats in FL Studio 20
  • Always export your finished mix in WAV which is of higher quality than MP3.
  • Open an empty project in your FL Studio and import your Wav file here.
  • Add an EQ to cut the lows. 20Kz is the threshold of human hearing so cutting around here would be sensible, it would remove any of the rumbles from your tracks.
  • Add a Compressor. This is to improve the dynamics of the whole track. You want to keep the track as natural sounding as you can so stay away from a long attack and release times and low ratios. Experiment with the settings of the FL Studio’s compressor because every track will be different. Try with -20db threshold, ratio 2:1, Attack 50ms, Release 100ms, Gain 3db.
  • Add a multiband compressor. A multiband compressor is exactly like a compressor but you can apply the compressor to specific frequency ranges. Again, every track is different so you want to test it out.
  • Now add an EQ to boost certain frequencies. Now I would boost the high-end frequencies around 10-15kHz, but try it out on your mix and see what sounds the best. We use an EQ to add a bit of brightness to the whole mix.
  • Finally, we add a limiter, this is for maximizing the volume of the track without causing distortion. The settings of your limiter rely on your mix up to now.
  • The last step, once you are happy how your track sounds, export the track to Wav (just as you saw at Step 1).

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