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May 11, 2022 6 Skills That Will Help You and Your Music Heard

■Skill #1: Owning an Entrepreneurial Mindset. This will help you invest time, relevant skill sets, value-adding culture, and treating music as a business.
■Skill #2: Identifying Your Audience. Know where they hangout, their preferences, tastes, struggles, needs, and reach out to them.
■Skill #3: Creating Your Career Pathway. Be professional and stand out in the crowd. Don’t copy paste and be eager to learn.
■Skill #4: Knowing How to Spread Your Message. Be consistent, authentic, polite, and always strive to add value to your audience.
■Skill #5: Creating a Standout Press Kit. Avoid scandals, talking about others, and unnecessary show-off. Be professional.
■Skill #6: Grant Writing. Invest in Your Lyrics. Write about something huge, relatable, and meaningful.

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